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You can join an email group and participate in what OA calls "non-real-time meetings". These are OA meetings where there is a leader who acts like the group secretary, and members share by sending an email which all other members receive. Each of these groups/meetings is registered with oa.org as its own meeting, and so has it's own guidelines determined by that group/meeting, in accordance with OA's Traditions.

  1. Our email meetings are hosted on Google Groups, which you need to join to access the meetings. You can join Google Groups with any email address, but you do need a 'Google account', which is free.(Google accounts give you access to all of Google's services. Groups is one service. Gmail is another service, which you can use if you like but you don't have to.)
  2. Click the link in the list below for the group you want to join. Follow the instructions.
  3. Once you're on the Google Groups site, choose the button or link that says "Ask to join group".
  4. If all else fails and you're willing to wait for a a while (uncertain how long), you can email nrt-groups@12steps4coes.org and ask for help. Please avoid this option if at all possible.

Links to our email (non-real-time) meetings

NOTE: Don't be put off by the message that says "you are not permitted to see this content". That just means you haven't joined yet.

Our Virtual Intergroup (VIG) also uses Google Groups for email communications. All members of 12Steps4COEs are welcome to join the VIG email group via this link if you have a Google account, or by emailing nrt-groups@12steps4coes.org. Every meeting/group is encouraged to elect a Group Rep to attend the meetings which occur once every two months on the first Sunday at 5 pm US Eastern time. This is your chance to have a say in how 12Steps4COEs operates. It's a great way to give service, helping to keep this life-saving service going.


I want to start a new group.

Here is what to do if you want to start a new group on Google Groups as part of 12Steps4COEs:

  1. Email nrt-groups@12steps4coes.org with the name of the group/meeting and the names and email addresses of two people who are willing to act as managers/moderators of the group. NOTE: To be a manager/moderator in Google Groups, you have to have a Google account .
  2. The managers/moderators get an email saying they have been added to the Google Group. This email has a link to the website for their group.
  3. Managers/moderators use a few (very easy) controls to:
    • add or approve new members
    • remove sharing priveleges from anyone whose posts violate the guidelines (e.g. trolls)

    We can help you learn how to do this. Email nrt-groups@12steps4coes.org to find out more.

    We look forward to meeting you in an email group!


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