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Online 12-Step Group for Compulsive Overeaters

Senior Spirit 12 Step
4 Compulsive Overeaters

Special Focus Email Sharing Loop

Our Senior Spirit 12 Step 4 COE's email sharing loop is a gathering of people who are seeking recovery from compulsive eating. Here in the spirit of tradition 12 and anonymity, we can share, via email, our experience, strength, and hope with each other, whether we have been in recovery for some time or are new to it. Although we are seniors generally 45 years and older, in the spirit of tradition 3 we welcome anyone seeking recovery from compulsive eating, regardless of age. As we age, change happens in our life on its own terms. As a family of choice in the Senior loop, we can do together what we may find difficult to do alone. Here in the email loop fellowship, we can identify with one another and give support by sharing. Many of us have found lasting friendships here as we grow older, and have discovered that we are truly not alone. Come join us and see for yourself! Undoubtedly you will receive the welcome, love, understanding, care, respect, and support we have come to know as the fellowship of recovery: spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally.

Our email loop has some basic guidelines that all members must follow. Please, read the following guidelines and be sure to follow them when you begin to share on our loop:

Guideline 1: On this loop we share our experience, strength, hope and inspiration with fellow compulsive overeaters. Our purpose is to encourage, upbuild and strengthen our recovery from compulsive overeating, through sharing positive messages of truth, courage and the overcoming of adversity. Feel free to share both your problems and their solutions. Please remember to always use courtesy and respect.

Guideline 2: Although ours is a spiritual program, each member of our groups interprets this spiritual side in his/her own way. Therefore, in order to protect the spiritual program of all our members, in general 12step4coes intergroup loops and meetings we use the terms God, God of my understanding, or higher power, when referring to our spiritual work.

Guideline 3: Negative messages that attack or put down other members of this loop are called "flaming" and are not allowed. If you have something personal to discuss with someone, please email them privately. Members who choose to "flame" on our loop will lose their privilege to share on the loop. Thanks for helping make our loop a safe place for all of us to share.

If you would like to join our loop, type in your email address below and click on the Yahoo Groups button at the right. We look forward to meeting you in our email loop!

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