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Online 12-Step Group for Compulsive Overeaters

Surrender 2 Win
4 Compulsive Overeaters

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Surrender 2 Win 4 COE's is a 12-step email sharing loop with a special focus on the spiritual component of recovery for compulsive overeaters and other people with eating disorders. Members are encouraged to share their spiritual solutions so that together we can recover. Since we honor OA traditions, the only requirement to join this loop is a desire to stop eating compulsively. We welcome newcomers!

Our email loop has some basic guidelines that all members must follow. Please, read the following guidelines and be sure to follow them when you begin to share on our loop:

Guideline 1: We share our experience, strength, and hope with fellow COEs. Our aim is to build recovery with positive messages of encouragement. Both problems and their solutions may be shared, and always with courtesy and respect.

Guideline 2: Ours is a spiritual program, but each member interprets spirituality in his own way, so we avoid all talk of specific religions. We use only the spiritual terms God, God of my Understanding, or Higher Power, and refrain from mentioning or quoting specific texts, beliefs, or affiliations in order to protect the beliefs of all members.

Guideline 3: Negative messages that put others down are "flaming" and are not allowed. Members who flame lose sharing privileges./p>

If you would like to join our loop, type in your email address below and click on the Yahoo Groups button at the right. We look forward to meeting you in our email loop!

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