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Online 12-Step Group for Compulsive Overeaters

Online OA Meetings

We have meetings every day at these times:
(all stated in Eastern US time)

7:00 AM      10:30 AM      2:30 PM      6:00 PM     

8:15 PM      10:30 PM      12:30 AM

Going to meetings online is easy!
Just type in a nickname you want to use, and click CONNECT.

  • Wait a minute or two for the meeting room to load.
  • You'll see a lot of script scroll by, then you'll be in the meeting room. You'll see other people in a list on the right, and you'll see them talking in the big center box.
  • To talk to them, type in the box below the meeting room window, then hit Enter or Return on your keyboard to send your words to the screen.

If you have any difficulties getting into our online meeting room,
click here for alternative ways to go to online meetings.


To find more OA meetings, go to:
Overeaters Anonymous ~ Find a Meeting

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