"I stood in the sunlight at last." --AABB

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Welcome to our First Edition of

"In the Sunlight"

Summer 2005

Welcome to the first edition of our new 12 Step 4 COE's newsletter, "In the Sunlight." We hope you enjoy it and that it provides a little extra sunlight in your recovery program.

All newsletters need active participation by their readers. Our articles come from YOU! We encourage and ask you to please send us special shares, stories, information about OA events, anonymous inspirational material, or any other kind of articles that members may be interested in. You can use the link at the left, "Email to Editor" to email your share to us. Please, don't be shy! We hope to hear from ALL of you!

Enough said! Articles are listed on the buttons at the left. Happy reading!

                                The Editors of "In the Sunlight"
                                12 Step 4 COE's